The company and its services are built around his experience and knowledge. He started sailmaking in October 1978 with Mackenzie Sails in Scotland, after attending Allan Glen’s High School of Science (Glasgow) and then St. Andrews University, studying science. He worked there until 1988, latterly as Manager and Designer, during which period he entered into bigger projects which involved the creation of new computer software. He moved from Scotland to the Solent to become Chief Designer at WL Sails from its inception (1989) through to 1994 when he was appointed Chief Designer of Diamond Sails. It was here he worked with the first sail Finite Element Stress Analysis systems.

Subsequently the Technical Director of North Sails UK, from 1995 until 2005. Designer for various Whitbread Round the World competitors and Project Engineer for many large yachts, Superyachts and part of the Project Groups for a wide variety of race yacht projects. An invited member of a three year research project at Cambridge University, to investigate Laser welding of fabrics, successfully introducing the procedures into the Fabric Structures industry. He has written many papers written for the Universities of Southampton and Drecht. A member of the North Product Group, he was responsible for North Sails production, and the technical engineering of the product. In charge of implementation of new computer based design and cutting technologies, he initiated the concept of sail engineering to correct specifications to build strong, cost-effective, and light weight product, having introduced forensic investigation to failures as a method of correction, and a full expert system for design.

Subsequently he was Vice-President and Technical Director of Elvstrom Sails A/S (Denmark) and Genesis International, where he developed new manufacturing techniques and capital equipment – he designed, built and commissioned the EPEX lamination machine in 2008, using the most up-to-date technologies. This technology is today producing some of the best quality laminates, with these sails some of the most durable, with the first prototypes still in use today.

Consulting for a select set of companies he has designed and produced many sailing related items. This involved dealing with tooling and production companies in the Far East, and developing many contacts in those areas. This work was undertaken from 2011 until 2014. Sail design work continued on a contract basis using Sailpack by BSG, from dinghies to Superyachts, as well as offering tuition and advise to other sail lofts around the world.

Currently holding the post of Technical Director of Bainbridge International in the UK, designing and commissioning sailcloth, sail hardware, marine hardware and various other related items.